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Post-Doctoral Students and Researchers


Neal A. Hollingsworth,   Array coils for high-field MRI,   1/2017 to 12/2018.

John C. Bosshard,  Ultra Fast MR Imaging, 10/2012 to present.

Mary P. McDougall,  MR Imaging with 64 Channel Coil Arrays,  9/26/04 to 8/31/06.

Lei Hao,  Design of real-time digital signal processing system for dynamic MRI,  3/1/03 to 6/1/03.

Emilio Esparza-Coss,   Thermal mapping  using MRI and support of interdisciplinary research activities,   3/15/02 to 5/15/03.

Jay Porter,  Sensor Arrays,  February, 1994 to August, 1995.   (Presently a Full Professor in Engineering Technology,   Texas A&M University)

Ph.D. Students Graduated:


Chenhao Sun, "Three Studies in High-Field MR Engineering:  SAR Reduction Through Sequential RF Pulses, A System for B1+ Steering, and a Low-Complexity Multi-Nuclei Array Coil", May 2022.  

Stephen Ogier,  “Advancements in Multinuclear Multichannel MRI”,  December 2019.

Chung-Huan Huang,  “Investigation of RF Front-Ends for Simultaneous Multinuclear MR Imaging and Spectroscopy,” August 2019.

Dheyaa Alkandari,  “Investigation of Slot Elements for Multi-Channel MRI Coils”,  Dec. 2018.

Jiaming Cui, “Forced Current Excitation in Selectable Field of View Coils for 7T MRI and MRS”,   August 2017.

Neal Hollingsworth,  “Isolating Power Amplifiers for Parallel Transmit MRI”, December 2016.

John Bosshard,  “Highly Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging with a Fourth Gradient Channel for Compensation of RF Phase Patterns,”  December, 2012.

Ke Feng, “Transmit/Receive Single-Echo Acquisition MR Imaging”,  August 2011.

Xiaoqun Liu,  “Design of Multi-Channel Radio-Frequency Front-End for 200 MHz Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging,”  Co-Chaired with Takis Zourntos.  August, 2008.

Naresh Yallapragada,  “A 64-Channel Personal Computer Based Image Reconstruction System and Applications in Single Echo Acquisition Magnetic Resonance Elastography and Ultra-Fast Magnetic Resonance Imaging,”   May 2008.

David G Brown,   “Instrumentation for Low-Cost and Parallel MR Imaging,” May, 2006.

Dan K. Spence, “Design of RF Coils for Parallel Imaging at High Reduction Factors,”  May, 2006.

Mary P. McDougall,   “Single Echo Acquisition MR Imaging,”  December, 2004.  (Winner of Association of Former Students Distinguished Graduate Research Award, University Level Award.)

Krishna Kurpad, “Transmit Phased Array Birdcage Coils for High-Field MR Imaging,”  August 2004.

Jim Bankson,   “An Investigation of the Practical Limitations of Rapid, Phased Array Encoded Magnetic Resonance Imaging,”  Graduated May,  2001.

Roger McNichols, "Design and Testing of a Probe for Simultaneous Collection of Optical Fluorescence and 31P Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectra in-vivo,"  (Co-Chair with Gerry Cote', BIEN)  December 1998.  (Winner of Association of Former Students Distinguished Graduate Research Award, University Level Award.)

Arne Reykowski,  "Theory and Application of Synthesis Arrays in Magnetic Resonance Imaging,"  Graduated December 1996.

Yong Han,  “FDTD Analysis of RF problems for MR Imaging,”  August, 1995.

Nader Famili,  Flow measurement with MRI,  Graduated  December, 1993.

Jay Porter,  "Design and Analysis of a Multiplexing Data Acquisition System for use in Magnetic Resonance Imaging,   Graduated December, 1993.


M.S. Students Graduated:


Marian Usmani, “FPGA Controlled RF Pulse Generator for Teaching MRI”, December 2021.

Kevin Patel, "Control System for Phase-Only B1 Steering in High-Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging,"  Dec. 2019.

Minyu Gu,  "Dynamic 31P MRS with a 1 Tesla Extremity Scanner," August 2019.

Dennis Kim,  "Development of High-Throughput NMR RF Receiver using FPGA IP Cores”, August 2019.

Joshua Liaou,   “Investigation of Magnetic Particle Imaging:  Localization Along One Dimension”, May, 2019.

Courtney Bauer, “Adaptation of Open Source Pulseq Pulse Sequence Writing Toolbox for Varian Compatibility”,  Dec. 2018.

Ahmed El Ghamrawy,  “A Small Scale Magnetic Particle Relaxometer”,  December 2013.

Richard Godley,  “Cryogenically Cooled Microcoils for MRI,”   August 2011.

Vishal Kampani (BMEN),  “A High-Pass Detunable Quadrature Birdcage Coil at High-Field”, May, 2008.

Bijay Shah,  (BMEN),  “A Study of Array SNR and Coupling as a Function of the Input Impedance of the Preamplifier,” Dec. 2007.

Colleen Dominick,  “An Investigation of Array Elements for Enhanced Single Echo Acquisition Imaging”,  August, 2005.

Jorge Luis Rosas-Trigueros,  Surgical Tool Localization using MRI.,   May, 2002.

Dan Spence, “Optimization of Shielded Birdcage Coils for MR Imaging” , December, 1999.

Eliot Lebsack, “An Iterative Technique for Refinement of Selective Excitations for Magnetic Resonance Imaging,”   December 1999.

Smita Sampath, MR guided laser induced thermal therapy. August 1999.  (Has deposited thesis, co-chaired with Prof. Sohi Rastegar, BIEN)

Sood Naphuket,   "Non-invasive NMR Thermometry and Temperature Monitoring Using the Proton Resonance Frequency Method," December 1997.

Jeff Boyer, “An Investigation of Receiver Probe Development for Magnetic Resonance Microscopy,” August 1995.

Michael Usey, “Intrinsically Decoupled  Coils  for  use  in  MR  Coil Arrays”,  May 1995.

Yu Wu,  Measurement of Current Distribution on RF Coils Using MR Imaging,   Dec. 1993 (Thesis Defense completed, August, 1993).

Meng-Feng Lee, Mutual Impedance and Noise Correlation between RF Coils on Layered Media, Dec. 1991.

David Twine,  "Application  of  the  Array  Scanning  Method  to  the Computation of Microstrip Dipole Impedances,"   Dec.  1990.

Jim Kelton,  "A Controller for Arrays of Mutually   Coupled Surface Coils in Magnetic Resonance  Imaging,"  Grad. 1988,  University of Illinois,  Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering. (As adjunct Asst. Prof. at UIUC)



M.E. Students Graduated:


Hongli Dong, (Multituned RF coils for MRI),  

Jason Payne (Electromagnetic Modeling),  May 2009.

Shoulin Zha (MRI)  May 2000.

Steve McManamon,  (RF) May, 2000.

Dae-Hyun Sim, "Microstrip Baluns,"   May, 1992.

Bhujanga Lankipalli, "Modeling and Measurement of SNR in RF Coils for MRI,"   May, 1992.


Undergraduate Senior Honors Students  (University Undergraduate Research Fellows)


John Berlien, “A Portable MRI Scanner,”  2015-2016. 

Stephen Ogier,  “Low-Cost MRI Instrumentation,”  2012-2013

Josh Varghese, “RF Amplifiers for Transmit-SENSE,”  2008-2009.

John Bosshard, “MicroFluidic Applications in MRI,”   2005-2006.

Mark Kremkus,   “PERL gradients for ultra-fast MR Imaging”, graduated May 2001.


Undergraduate Summer Fellowships


Scott Blasczyk,  Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship,  6-12 to 8-12.   Portable MRI.

Stephen McLauchlin, Undergraduate Summer Research Grant/REU,  6-07 to 8-07.  

Colleen Dominick,  “Analysis of Planar Strip Arrays for High Speed Magnetic Resonance Imaging,” TEES Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program,  6-03 to 8-03.

Leif Bjoraker, “Characterization of MRI Data Trajectories Through K-Space,”  TEES Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program, 6-99 to 8-99.

David Spence,  “Investigation into a Low-Cost MRI Controller”, TEES Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program,  6-97 to 8-97.

Jennifer Spadea, “Investigation of a Digital Receiver for a Prototype Low-Cost MR System for Evaluation of Breast Cancer,”  TEES Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program, 6-95 to 8-95.

David Brown, “Combined Optical-NMR Spectroscopy,” TEES Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program, 6-95 to 8-95.

J.A. Bankson "Characterization of Receiver Coils for Magnetic Resonance Microscopy, TEES Summer Undergraduate Research  Fellowship Program,  6-94 to 9-94.

J.A. Bankson, "Improved Design for an NMR Intravascular Coil, TEES Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program,  6-93 to 9-93.

G. Ramirez,  "Investigation of the Signal-to-Noise Performance of  Inductively  Coupled MR Imaging Coils,"  NSF-TEES Summer Undergraduate Research Grant Program, 6-89 to 9-89.

M. Usey,  "An Initial Investigation of a Dual-Receiver Channel  Magnetic Resonance Imager," NSF-TEES Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, 6-89 to 9-89.

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