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Please contact the MRSL to discuss collaborative work.    We can provide:

1.   MR Imaging and Spectroscopy using three major systems:

          4.7 Tesla 40 cm bore MRI scanner with 31 G/cm gradients.
          4.7 Tesla 33 cm bore MRI scanner with 6 G/cm gradients.

                Both of these scanners can access the 64 channel receiver and have parallel transmit capability

          1.0 Tesla 30 cm ONI OrthOne extremity scanner.

2.   Extensive capabilities in RF signal capture and processing

3.    Complete RF characterization with multiple RF network analyzer and RF capture systems.

4.    Automated RF measurement system with a 3D scanner for pattern measurement.

5.    EM modeling and analysis using finite difference time domain (REMCOM) and in-house method of moment           and finite difference time domain tools.

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